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 “Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein


Urban Wild
curated by Roberta Kent

Curator Roberta Kent seeks to bridge the gap between the natural world and the urban one….
all within an underground secret salon.

Featuring works by:

Michelle Buhler
Elisabeth Condon
Amy Lincoln
Kay Thomas

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, June 10th 6:30 – 8:30

Artist Demo:
Sunday, June 21st at 4 pm
Kay Thomas will demonstrate the ancient Japanese art of Sumi-e painting

Closing Party:
Wednesday, July 15th 6:00 – 8:00

And by appointment






Undercurrent Exhibition FINAL

13th March - 19th April

Check back for performance schedule the final week

This Friday the 13th, Undercurrent Projects, in conjunction with Terror Gallery of Lima, is pleased to present FORESTA: an exhibition of new work by Cecilia Collantes.  Collantes' drawings and paintings takes us to a primitive state: searching for the first glance, surprised by the smallest finding and reaching to her very origins, like an archaeologist searching for the first history.

Using the simply paper and paint, Collantes creates small figures which seem to observe even as they are being observed. They have no bodies, or at least no bodies can be seen... as if here in the shadows can only be found only the gaze.

In the second part of the exhibition, flowers synthesize the longing to observe and to hold that gaze; the flowers are the complete form of an object: they are both color and sex, and the desire for the desire. Collantes uses her background as a dancer to bring movement to the paper, recording her physical expressions with the strokes of a brush.  -- Text by Joaquin Goldstein, 2015

Collantes moved to New York in 2013, and created much of this work during her recent residency at Mana.



Selected Works: 

Undercurrent Installation Shot Small




Undercurrent Ceci Ko DragonOrchidea small  Undercurrent Ceci Ko5 small   Undercurrent Ceci Ko6 web





Cecilia Collantes (Lima, 1982) is a Peruvian visual and performance artist. In her art, she presents a portrait of today's individual as a product both of contemporary society and an ancient heritage.

To create these images, she observes individuals in large metropolises like New York or Bangkok while studying the life of ancient peoples. If you ask her what she is searching for, she will tell you she is attempting to capture an essence outside of time, and pursuing a balance between the spiritual and the physical realms.

She received her training in Fine Arts and Contemporary Dance in Peru, Germany and Indonesia, at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin and the Traditional Arts Institute of Surakarta in Indonesia.

Her painting and performance work has been shown in Cecilia Gonzales Gallery in Lima, Biasa Art Space in Jakarta, The Thempelhof Theater Festival in Berlin, the Hagen Museum in Germany, among others.

She has been awarded residencies including the Eileen Kaminsky Residency Program at Mana Contemporary in the United States, Residencias Artísticas por Intercambio in Mexico, the Thaillywood Artist Residency in Thailand, as well as the Darmasiwa Scholarship in Indonesia.



 From the artist:

#‎Orchideas are complex and outlandish plants: exaggerated, sexual. In my Foresta they emerge brightly and colorfully out of darkness, such as visions arise during ceremonies with sacred plants in the South American Amazon. Come see my orchidea catalogue at Undercurrent Projects.

- Cecilia Collantes




Undercurrent Projects presents:


Splice Text 6







Hiroshi Kumagai
Sarah Nicole Phillips
Bill Miller
Carlton Scott Sturgill

Curated by Carlton Scott Sturgill & Roberta Kent

Party Thursday February 26th 6-8 p.m. 


Undercurrent Projects is pleased to present S(P)LICE, an exhibition of unique works by four artists who slice and splice materials to create pictures of fragmented landscapes, secluded spaces, private scenes and sexual innuendo.

Each using different materials and techniques, these artists transform familiar objects into tactile reconstructions and new contextualizations evoking the unexpected sensuality of everyday life.


Gallery Hours Sunday, February 15th and 22nd 12-6 p.m. and by appointment
Thank you to the fantastic curators, and to everyone who's braved this insane winter to see the exhibition!


Undercurrent Splice Opening 1 Undercurrent Splice Opening 2






This Thursday, January 8th, Undercurrent Projects presents:


Un Cabinet de Curiosités Part 2
Antoine Lefebvre and JaZon Frings
Curated by Antoine Lefebvre


Antoine Lefebvre exhibits his own Cabinet de Curiosités, including unique books, zines, and a camel tooth. He has teamed up with JaZon Frings, who presents his own body and gestures to the viewer as an interactive stock market.

Undercurrent Projects Antoine Lefebvre Book


Undercurrent Antoine Cabinet 


Thursday, December 18th, Undercurrent Projects presents
Un Cabinet de Curiosités, Part 1
an exhibition of 10 Parisian artists curated by Antoine Lefebvre

Charlotte Hubert
Farah Khelil
Juan Mendizabal
Benjamin Sabatier
Caroline Sebilleau
Cannelle Tanc
Frederic Vincent
Samuel Yal
And guests!

Undercurrent Samuel Yal Elements

Samuel Yal

Undercurrent Sabatier IBK BU650g

Benjamin Sabatier 

Undercurrent Cannelle Tanc Archeologie2

Cannelle Tanc

Undercurrent Frederic Vincent Voyeur

Frederic Vincent

Undercurrent Caroline Sebilleau Ecran

Caroline Sebilleau

Undercurrent Fara Khelil Point of View Listening Point

Farah Khelil

Undercurrent Juan Mendizabal Vers lespace exterieur 3

Juan Medizabal

Undercurrent Charlotte Hubert Being a Bell

Charlotte Hubert

Undercurrent Projects Caroline Sebilleau Farah Khelil

Farah Khelil and Caroline Sebilleau

Undercurrent Frederic Vincent Sabatier Samuel Yal

Federic Vincent with Benjamin Sabatier and Samuel Yal

 Undercurrent-Crowd-Shot-Lefebvre-Khelil3 Undercurrent Lefebvre Crowd Shots

Undercurrent-Crowd-Shot-Lefebvre  Undercurrent Lefebvre Crowd Shots 4


tumblr ngzqou356r1u5bzygo2 500

Samuel Yal 

Undercurrent Sabatier IBK BU540g

Benjamin Sabatier

Undercurrent Installation Lefebvre

Installation photographs by Antoine Lefebvre, 2014


Miami Arts Week:

Pocket Utopia -- Clouds are our Mountains

Clouds Are Our Mountains

Pocket Utopia

Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden
with Undercurrent Projects
and Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

Bell May

Mary Ann Strandell

Sara Russell Dewey

Janet Sobel

Sangram Majumdar

Yevgeniya Baras

Matt Phillips

Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson

Matthew Miller

A. Pilat

Katie Peyton


The Jade // 1331 Brickell Bay Dr // Miami

Please call (212) 729-3011 or email Austin Thomas /   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.

We'll be running a shuttle from Miami Beach Friday night.  Call Sarah if you want in!



Undercurrent Projects and SOLID present:




Bruno Levy and Pierre Klein

curated by Guy Reziciner

November 7 ~ November 12, 6 - 9 p.m. or by appointment

Opening Reception // Friday, November 7, 7 - 9

Press Preview  //  November 7, 5 - 7

Press inquiries  //  Lea Richard-Nagle  




October 18, 2014

This month, we're looking across the river to a special event in Brooklyn:


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Art From the Heart (AFTH) is a movement towards community for artists.
AFTH showcases artists and performers of all disciplines, worldwide.
Installed artists share net profits from the exhibition opening.


AFTH2014 is concerned with joy, and opens at Gowanus Loft 18 October, 2014.


This celebration of Gowanus Open Studios 2014 is curated by Katie Peyton

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Myriam AbdelazizJimi BillingsleyChun BoSarah E. BrookTak Cheung
Samm CohenFlavia D'UrsoAnna Katarzyna DomejkoMagdalena DukiewiczSam Fein, Loretta Mae Hirsch
Mark KlebackSandra LapageMarjan MoghaddamWillard Morgan, Ruben Natal-San MiguelKevin Nazar
Petna Ndaliko KatondoloMidori OkuyamaKlaus PinterJoseph A. W. QuintelaBob RiveraBarbara Rosenthal,
 SamDakotaBlake SandbergKaren L. SchiffCarlton Scott Sturgill,Fernanda UribeTJ VolonisAndy Wallace
Eryk WenziakDale Williams & Or Zubalsky

Thomas Fucaloro Sara Jimenez Sable E. Smith Simone Tyson Joseph A. W. Quintela, Anthony Patorti &  Or Zubalsky 


Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue & Brooklyn Brewery

DJMR. vs Marvin PK



100% of net profits are equally shared by installed/performing artists



Artcritical PICK

Artwork © 2014 the artists


badge125 125 2




September 15, 2014 

Gayle Ruskin, Vista




For images of paintings from the show, click here 

 For full details, click here 




Heide Hatry, The Rust Room


Undercurrent Hatry CarpeDiemWeb

Heide Hatry
The Rust Room
Video Link: Vernissage TV


Undercurrent Projects is pleased to present HEIDE HATRY’s Rust Room. 

Beginning with her Skin series and ending with a centerpiece Rust Room, this exhibition will feature a disquieting and unsettling site-specific environment, as well as an abridged survey of past works examining life, death, entropy and decay.  Here there is a sense of danger, a taste of metal on the tongue, and the iron smells like blood.

Hatry's performances and artworks, often body-related or employing animal flesh and organs, have aroused controversy and have been considered horrific, repulsive or sensationalist by some, while others have hailed her as an "imaginative provocateur."  Her work also addresses ideas about beauty, feminist ideologies and issues of identity, and she has created works under a ruse of pseudonymous attributions.

Hatry's new Rust Room installation sisters her 2006 Skin Room, when as a performance she flayed pig carcasses to construct a chamber of visceral membrane.  In the current exhibition, she rusts the white box of the gallery to create an enclosed cell of post-industrial and cultural corrosion.

In her 2005 Skin series Hatry primarily worked with fresh untreated pigskin, which is uncannily human-like.  The work reminds us that while we are surrounded by flesh in our daily lives, we do not continually register that our leather jacket or stylish shoes are made from dead animal skin.

In addition to documenting several years of working with a highly eccentric material, Hatry's hardcover SKIN book (Kehrer, Heidelberg, 2005) is a complex conceptual artwork in itself, in which Hatry plays on the fact that skin is the medium through which individual identity is most commonly received.  It fictitiously profiles seven female artists all working with skin as a medium, but, in fact, they are seven facets of Hatry herself, posed in disguise, and each with their own complete body of work.

The haunting portraits in Hatry's Heads and Tales series are actually photographs of perishable mannequin sculptures made from pigskin, including raw meat for the lips and fresh pig eyes.  The resulting expressions create the illusion of life where there is none.  

Her tandem Heads and Tales book (Charta, Milan/New York, 2009) is a collaborative endeavor between Hatry and twenty-seven noted female authors whom she invited to create "lives" and tell the invented stories behind the faces.

The "beautiful" and exotic flowers depicted in Hatry's 2012 Not a Rose series are photographs of sculptures composed mainly out of offal, sex organs and other animal parts and staged in natural outdoor environments.

The companion Not a Rose book (Charta, 2013) explores the relationship of flowers and animals to human beings. Masked as a traditional coffee table book, it quotes from the genre while turning it inside out, "subtly undermining our notion of beauty," and challenging our use and abuse of animals and nature. For the book one hundred prominent intellectuals, writers, and artists were invited to respond to “the question of the flower” from a multiplicity of perspectives, including anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, philology, botany, neuroscience, art history, gender studies, physics, and chemistry.

The exhibition will include videos relating to each of Hatry's previous projects as well as original art works providing a condensed overview of her work that pushes the boundaries of aesthetics, social responsibility and the complacency of art.


New York based Heide Hatry grew up on a pig farm in the south of Germany. After leaving home early to attend a sports school to be a gymnast, Hatry studied art at various German art schools and art history at the University of Heidelberg. She taught at a private art school for many years while simultaneously conducting an international business as an antiquarian bookseller in Heidelberg.  In 2003 she moved to NYC and began her career as an artist.  Hatry's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, most recently with a solo show at Stux gallery in New York.
Hatry has frequently served as a curator in the United States, Germany and Spain. These exhibitions have included work by Carolee Schneemann, Tania Bruguera, Jana Sterbak, Zhang Huang, Kate Millett, Theresa Byrnes, Regina Jose Galindo, Larry Miller, Pat Steir, Richard Human, Dove Bradshaw, Chrissy Conant, Peter Downsbrough, Max Gimblett, Chie Hasegawa, Kahn & Selesnick, Annette Lemieux, Aldo Tambellini, and many others.  


Over the years, Hatry has also created unique artist’s books, treating texts by Paul Celan, Frederic Tuten, Friedrich Hölderlin, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, John Keats, Samuel Beckett, Walter Abish, Jorge Luis Borges, Franz Wright, Robert Kelly, and David Sedaris, among others. They are held in numerous private and public collections.









Colette Lumière

Metaphysical Portraits and Other Experiments from Laboratoire Lumière





Colette Lumière
Metaphysical Portraits and Other Experiments from Laboratoire Lumière
"Colette is a gauze-draped pillar of the New York art world, a maker of installations, a painter and a performance artist.”
Anthony Hayden-Guest for The Art Newspaper
Undercurrent Projects (formerly Peanut Underground) is excited to announce our premier exhibition, an installation of new works by the artist Colette.
Colette has long been recognized for creating, adopting and fully inhabiting various personas, with her current “muse” being Lumière.  With this exhibition, she will transform Undercurrent's East Village hideaway into a  Laboratoire , an ever-changing environment where she will present new works, create new commissions and transform the project space during the run of the show.  
Colette’s Metaphysical Portraits series reinterpret the classical art of portraiture and present "constellations," or "inner maps," of the individuals represented.  At Undercurrent, she will be working on " Artists and the Silver Screen” : a new c ast of artists, movie stars, pop icons and other celebrities, with the intention to explore and record the increasing blurred line between art and pop culture.

To collect an existing portrait by Colette is exciting enough, but during the exhibition (or after) we also encourage people to commission a portrait of themselves, their spouse, or their children, which would become part of this talked-about series of friends, patrons and celebrities by this talked-about artist.  

In BOMB Magazine, she explains, “My art began in the streets and it began anonymously. Even though it soon found its way to galleries and museums, I continued to explore unorthodox and alternative spaces. Art does not have to be displayed in a museum or a major gallery to be significant, to speak to people and influence art and culture.”
Beginning her career as a painter, Colette is internationally acclaimed for her pioneering work in street art, performance art, tableaux vivants and the constructed photograph, which brought her avant-garde work to the public eye in the 1970s and was influential to generations of artists to follow.  Often addressing issues of gender roles, her contributions have been recycled in pop culture; yet, she continues to reinvent herself. 
Colette’s work has been exhibited in MoMA, Whitney, the Guggenheim, New Museum, MoMA PS1, Palais de Tokyo, MoCA, Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Musée d’Art Moderne Montreal, the Ludwig Museum (Cologne), and others.


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Heide Hatry | The Rust Room

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Conceptual Composite Collages August 17 - August 26, 2013

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Colette Lumière

Metaphysical Portraits and Other Experiments from Laboratoire Lumière

1st Mykonos Biennial

PIRATE STATES: Crisis and Paganism


Saskia Hahn's New York Premiere

May Day 2012 : Festival of Optimism

Peanut Underground's inaugural show heralding in the season in the hope of a good harvest.

Underground Retrospective

Peanut's six month survey exhibition

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Nico Smith

Nico Dios Smith (DMT)

Art Exhibit

New Works by Peter Missing

Changing Perspectives

New Media by Leila Feuer, Alexandra Gorczynski and Angela Washko - Curated by Myriam Vanneschi

East Village Abstraction

For 50 years Nico Smith has perfected his style.

Process Alaska

Contemporary art from Anchorage, curated by Richard Cutrona
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