Colette Lumière


Colette’s Metaphysical Portraits series reinterpret the classical art of portraiture and present “constellations,” or “inner maps,” of the individuals represented.  At Undercurrent, she will be working on “Artists and the Silver Screen.”  For this experiment the artist has selected a new cast of artists, movie stars, pop icons and other celebrities, with the intention to explore and record the increasing blurred line between art and pop culture.

In BOMB, she explains, “My art began in the streets and it began anonymously. Even though it soon found its way to galleries and museums, I continued to explore unorthodox and alternative spaces. Art does not have to be displayed in a museum or a major gallery to be significant, to speak to people and influence art and culture.”

Beginning her career as a painter, Colette is internationally acclaimed for her pioneering work in street art, performance art, tableaux vivants and the constructed photograph, which brought her avant-garde work to the public eye in the 1970s and was influential to generations of artists to follow.  Often addressing issues of gender roles, her contributions have been recycled in pop culture; yet, she continues to reinvent herself.

Colette’s work has been exhibited in MoMA, Whitney, the Guggenheim, New Museum, MoMA PS1, Palais de Tokyo, MoCA, Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Musée d’Art Moderne Montreal, the Ludwig Museum (Cologne), and others.

If you wish to become part of this experiment by commissioning a portrait, or would like more information, contact:

Katie Peyton at

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